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01 Series Datasheet


Single Gas Unit

-Available in CO, H2S, O2, LEL configurations

-CO, H2S, O2 models run for 3000 hours on alkaline batteries

-LEL model runs for 16 hours

-2 year warranty

-Small and Lightweight

-High Quality and Low Cost

-Peak, STEL, and TWA alarms


Are your workers tired of lugging around large, bulky, heavy gas detection equipment?

Are you tired of dealing with repeated equipment failures and units that are always in the shop?

Now both of these problems are a thing of the past. The 01 series are single gas monitors that are exceptionally easy to operate, with unmatched reliability. Simply install the batteries and the units are ready to operate. No complicated set up, and no hassles. Workers will be protected with three levels of alarms. Audible, Visual, and Vibration will make sure users are alerted to a dangerous condition no matter what the environment is. For example if a worker is in a particularly noisy environment they may not hear the audible alarm but they will feel the vibration and see the bright LED visual alarms. The alarms are user adjustable and can be set to any level to meet your particular situation, but come defaulted to OSHA recommended set point levels.




01 Series Single Gas Monitor

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