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Update on Eve (Now Evie)

Posted April 2nd, 2014 by Administrator



We are happy to announce that Eve has found her forever home. ┬áThis is from Casey’s:



From an unwanted dog dumped by her owners at a dump site, full of sarcoptic mange, just had babies, and heartworm positve. She has transformed into the most beautiful dog. After she was fostered through the contagious 2 weeks of sarcoptic mange from a wonderful family in Kentucky we finally got Eve here on January 22nd and spent 5 weeks with our wonderful foster Sarah who nursed her back to health. At the end of February Diane and her husband Dan wanted to foster to adopt Eve and help her through the heartworm treatment. Which they have. On March 29th. Diane and Dan will officially adopt her. She doesn’t even look like the same dog.



This is from her new mom:
All of you have no idea how much joy and love she has brought to our hearts. She has adjusted very well here. She loves car rides and also playing in the back yard. Her favorite thing is watching the price is right in her very own recliner. We cannot wait to officially adopt her and give her her new name of Evie Grace Gioia. Because of everyone who helped her through everything she went through she has turned out to be the sweetest most lovable little doggie. At the end of April she will be taking her first road trip to Minnesota to meet her grandparents so she can be spoiled even more. Thank you and God bless each and everyone of you for what you do.
Love Dan, Diane and Evie Grace Gioia.



Everyone at JJS is very happy that Evie has found her forever home and will now have the life and love that she deserves.


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