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Next Generation of GX-2003

Posted October 26th, 2012 by Administrator

More Features, Lower Prices

RKI Instruments is pleased to announce our latest advancement in portable instrumentation, model GX-2012, and compatible calibration station. The GX-2012 has more features than the GX-2003 at a much lower price tag.

What’s the Difference?

The standard 4-gas GX-2003 alkaline version has a list price of $1,270. An alkaline, 4-gas GX-2012 has a list price of only $995.

Both units have a strong internal sample draw pump and both use the same 4-gas sensors, however, the GX-2012 also has a high-impact weather proof design, more battery options, lower PPM CH4 range (Gas Tracer), and larger display.



SDM-2012 – Calibration Station

Our docking station with digital display for the GX-2012 allows for effortless maintenance and record keeping.  The SDM-2012 has two gas inlets making calibration set up using multiple gas cylinders much easier. It can be used as a stand alone station or connected to a PC for multi-station use and archiving data to network location.


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