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New Probe for Eagle and Eagle 2

Posted September 17th, 2012 by Administrator

Effective this week, RKI will start shipping a new and improved sample probe for our EAGLE and EAGLE 2 gas monitors. The new probe has several improved features over the old probe.



More ergonomic design
Fits better in your hand or glove.

Uses the same paper dust/hydrophobic filter disc as well as the removable probe tip of original Eagle probes.

Probe body is clear, making it easy to see condition of filters.

Flow Integrity
The new probe has 2 larger o-rings to improve seal points. Even if you forget to install the paper dust filter, it will seal and allow only sample from the probe tip to enter the instrument.

Additional filter

The new probe contains a second and more porous polypropylene dust filter cup, which will filter dirt and dust. With this extra dust filter cup, the new probe’s hydrophobic filter disc can be better utilized for filtering moisture and fine dust. The part numbers for the new and old probes are as follows:

Part Number Description
80-0131RK-10 Probe, 10”, hydrophobic, standard, with particle filter and metal fittings, Eagle / Eagle 2
80-0131RK-20 Probe, 10”, hydrophobic, standard, with metal fittings, without particle filter for Eagle 2 with PID
Probe, 10”, hydrophobic, without particle filter, with plastic fittings for toxic gas versions
(HCL/CLO2/etc), Eagle/Eagle 2
80-0133RK-10 Probe, 30”, aluminum, with particle filter and 1641 fittings, EAGLE
80-0134RK-10 Probe, 4′, stainless steel, with particle filter, handle, and 1641 fittings, EAGLE
80-0135RK-10 Probe, 30”, stainless steel, with particle filter and 1641 fittings, EAGLE
80-0142RK-10 Probe, 30”, fiberglass, for bar hole, with particle filter, EAGLE
80-0156RK-10 Probe, 30”, fiberglass, rigid with particle filter, Eagle


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