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Inert Atmosphere Gas Monitor Now Available

Posted September 11th, 2012 by Administrator

Inert Eagle 2

EAGLE 2 with Inert Mode

The Eagle 2 with Inert Mode option is designed to operate within inert environments such as catalyst operations in refineries. An Eagle 2 with Inert Mode can be configured with sensors for LEL/CO/O2/H2S.  The LEL sensor is an Infrared sensor that measures 0-100% LEL and does not require oxygen to operate, unlike a traditional catalytic sensor which does require oxygen.  The CO sensor is used as a dual sensor to detect both CO and H2 (5 % LEL H2 = 100 PPM CO).

The instrument can be changed from Normal Mode to Inert Mode by simply pressing the Range/Shift button on the front display panel.  The Oxygen alarm points are reversed in Inert mode to alarm on increasing. The factory setting is to alarm on 5% O2 increasing and is programmable.

RKI’s new Eagle 2 Inert Monitor has the ability to monitor for rising O2 concentrations, combustible gases, and toxic gases H2S and CO. With its powerful pump, the Eagle 2 can be used with up to a 125’ hose, allowing the meter to stay with the hole attendant while monitoring the working conditions inside the cracking unit.

Inert Atmosphere
Inert atmospheres are created when oxygen is displaced by an inert gas, and often a high concentration of explosive gas may be present. An example of an inert atmosphere is the nitrogen purged catalyst units at refineries. When workers perform any catalyst handling functions in the reactors, special precautions are taken for their inert entry.

Advanced Features of Eagle 2
The Eagle 2 has the sensor technology needed for inert entry and is designed to withstand the extreme conditions surrounding the catalyst operations.

A dust filter is used in the probe tip to accommodate for fine catalyst dust.

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